Monday, November 28, 2011

Future of Alsace

Alsace is currently a region of France but it was always a disputed territory between France and Germany. It's not likely that the borders will change in the near future.

A possible future:


  1. He's also wrong about the Alsatians...they never liked being in the German Empire from 1871 to 1918...that's why all of their elected reps protested the annexation in bordeaux in 1871 and 1874 in Reichstag

  2. "Alsace Loraine too Germany"


    There is few German people in Alsace Loraine.

  3. Alsace - IMPOSSIBLE, washington becoming china is more likely, and they're french now

  4. Alsace isn't more German than French so there's no reason for it joining Germany.

  5. Germany here, Alsace Lorraine was once German speaking but the French didn't want to give it to us. It indirectly caused the world wars.

    Nowadays, the German language is dying there, thus, we will never own it :P


  7. In my opinion, Alsace could be an independant country, because of its strong economy, and the importance of the region in Europe (Strasbourg, UE's capital)

  8. (since there is no Scandinavia subject on this blog i write here even though i know it's not about Alsave Loraine)

    When will the western swedishspeaking parts of Finland join Sweden? And honestly Norway is a small country that can't be their own. They should join Sweden and we could call it Sweden-Norway in the beginning before the norwegian accept that their country is lost.

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  10. Alsace possesses a strong cultural identity, simultaneously French and Germanic. The nation that was controlling Alsace always tried to erase the historical and cultural bows that it was joining her to another nation. The cultural alsatian integration in the bosom of the French nation is essentially marked by the support of Alsace of the French revolution, then the lack of esteem of Germany after the Second World war. Long live France and Alsace!

  11. Alsace is very unlikely to become German, as most other speakers said here. It has indeed a stong regional identity, a local dialect and habits, but it is perfectly French.

    1. or let's give'em there own independence, like we should do for bretagne auvergne basque countries and occitany

    2. I m french (i prefere to notice it)
      I seems not realistic that the french border move...
      the "Republican pact" made us a nation.
      i mean there is no typical french you could split our nation in a dozen of country and no france will remain.
      our country is a federation of peoples united by the "pacte republicain".
      The most serious separtism movement are the corsican or the basque.
      let talk about the basque
      It s , a real question in spain because spanish govermnent reaction was very hard. it was not true on the french side. the separatist are a tiny minority in our country but less in minority in spain.

      The corsican exemple is quite different, it s also a minority but this minority is inflitrated by a kind of mafia and paris gave them some responsabilities witch enjoy them. the stop armed rioting.
      I don t agree with the merge of france and wallony
      for 2 reasons.
      1st wallony is an econimic deasaster. we can't integrate them safely for both
      And i think brussel (i mean EU) will not let it happen.

    3. From an auvergnat to anonymous
      Vive l'Auvergne Française Vive la France

  12. Fuck that shit. I am Alsacian and no one in Alsace would like to be German.

  13. Je suis un Alsacien et je peu vous dire que la France est notre patrie et que jamais l'Allemagne ne pourra l'annexer. D'autre part j'ai vu dans un reportage que la France est militairement parlant, la plus grande force de l'Europe !

    I am a little Alsatian and I tell you that France is our homeland and Germany will never attach. On the other hand I saw a report that France is militarily speaking, the greatest strength of Europe!


    Ca ce la relité! Les gars. La langue, la culture, même la bouffe est Allmande, bien Alcacienne! Elsass isch Deutsch!

  15. Alsace is french and it shoul stay in France. It doesn't matter that germans had it few years, right? It has french culture not german

  16. Alsace is a beautiful region, and 30% people of Alsace actually speak German but 70% people speak French so I think it should remain French.

  17. A lot of reactions here are from French nationalists. Like this one:
    'Alsace is french and it shoul stay in France. It doesn't matter that germans had it few years, right? It has french culture not german'
    Truth is that it is a Germanspeeking region but it has a long history of being occupied by France. (already since the Treaty of Ryswick the French have tried to francizate it.
    When you know that France didn't want to hold a referendum of the future of Elzas in 1918( because they knew that they would lose), than it's quite clear that Elzas doesn't belong to France.
    I think that the best solution for Elzas to become an independent state that supports the return of the local German dialects and German.

  18. In Alsace they do not know what they are!!! Those people are very confused of what origin they have. Some say they are French and some others say they have nothing to do with French and that they are more Germanic .. I personally think that there are not bad nations but there are good and bad people in every country. But the truth is that Alsacian are very protective and never free spirit and every time I wanna ask Alsatians" are you hiding a Jew in your house ???" I mean they are too controlling. Love jews by the way!!!